I make videos, snap photos and share stories. 

I spent more than a decade in the financial investment world as a market strategist and financial advisor. Being an entrepreneur and creative by nature, I decided to leave the finance industry and pursue my passion for building a company that lets me create every day and speak to amazing people and businesses. A company where I am able to capture lifestyles and share stories through digital media, products, services and entertainment.

My name is Richard McDaniel, but I'm better known as Rick Scotch and I'm an ENTREPRENEUR.

I’ve been an entrepreneur pretty much my whole life. When I look back to when my entrepreneurial foundation started I remember 3 particular memories:

1. At the age of 9 or 10. My sister and I would play a game called “Store” and in this game, we would pick out things from our rooms, price it, then sell it to each other. Unfortunately, for my sister this game did not work out so well for her because I always ended up selling her more things than what she needed and making some money.

2. In 5th grade, my best friend and I would jump on our bikes after school and head over to the local 7/11 where we would buy those long jolly ranchers. The next day at school we would take those jolly ranchers not to sell them for money but to sell them for attention specifically from the girls.

This little lesson taught me when you have something of value to offer, you might just end up getting what you want in return... which in this case was the attention of the girls.

3. Lastly, in middle school is where it really started taking off for me. I would go to Costco with my parents, borrow some money and buy a couple boxes of blow-pops. I would take those boxes of blow-pops to school and sell them… 2 for .75 or 3 for $1.00. I actually did pretty good and had some extra dollars to spend on the lunch line once I paid back my loan officers aka parents.

I'm a multimedia CREATIVE. 

I have a history of starting multiple businesses mostly small hustles but big dreams. I have failed many times, learned a bunch, made some side money, some of them surprisingly succeed mildly and now I’m here today building a company I’ve been training and building myself to do my whole life.

I am a big believer of self-teaching, always learning, adapting and being fearless when you try new things. 

All my ventures, jobs and personal experiences lead me to finally find what I truly love doing and that's creating with a camera. Capturing moments and stories through photography and videography is something I now know this is what I was always supposed to do with my life. I love every aspect of being creative with a camera from post-production, meeting new people and clients, shoot days, post-production and most of all delivering the final product to my audience.  

Looking forward to connecting and creating with you and hope you enjoy my content. 

- Rick Scotch